Functional Membrane Laboratory, founded in June, 1997, has conducted more than 10 projects which were financially supported by such foundations as National Science foundation of China and Provincial or Ministry Science Foundation. The laboratory facilities include a complete set of equipments for characterization of charged membranes and several pilot-scale setups for the experiments of water-splitting, dialysis, electrodialysis, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, etc.

    The Laboratory is mainly comprised of Ph. D, master and bachelor candidates, and also welcomes post doctors or in-service trainers to join in. To facilitate academic communication, the laboratory has been looking for or strengthening the domestic or international cooperation with universities and colleges, scientific research institutions, and factories.

    Research interests include (1) preparation and characterization of membranes, (2) separation of liquid mixture, (2) molecular structure design for membrane materials, (3) targeting design of membrane construction, (4) process design of membrane application, (5) inorganic-organic hybrid membranes, (6) fuel cells and solid electrolytes, (7) controlled release, (8) unit operation of chemical transport, and (9) modeling and simulation of membrane processes.

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