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Norwegian Forum for Membrane Technology

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Membrane related links  

American Filtration & Separations Society, AFS 
American Water Works Association, AWWA

Chemcyclopedia provides users and purchasers of chemicals with a unique opportunity to obtain information that aids in making buying decisions. In addition to the listing of a given chemical, suppliers have been asked to provide trade names, packaging, special shipping requirements, potential applications, and CAS Registry Numbers, if available. Chemicals are listed in categories that make it easy for users to locate specific chemicals quickly and efficiently.
Chemical Producers and Suppliers, Wourld Wide Web Virtual Library
DECHEMA Membrane Technology Subject Group
EMILY The Electronic Membrane Information Library at the Computing Centre for Water Research (CCWR) in South Africa
European Desalination Society
European Membrane Society
Filtration Society, The, - Nordic Chapter
Global Directory for Environmetal Technology is a database of suppliers and other companies and institutions in the environmental field, including cleaning of water and waste water handling technology.
IAWQ International Association for Water Quality
International Desalination Association
Membrane Online is a collection of links to other membrane related pages.
Nature international scientific buyer's guide is a database with information about more than 1700 suppliers in science. Addresses, products, services and trade marks.
Nordic Chapter of the Filtration Society
NAMS, North American Membrane Society
NYM, Network Young Membrains
Spaniah Membrane Group
Swedish Foundation for Membrane Technology
UNESCO Centre for Membrane Science & Technology
United Nations - ECE Chemical Industry Links. Homepages of the main chemical industries and organisations in the ECE countries (North America, Europe, Russia etc.)
U.S. Bureau of Reclamation A web of pages on water treatment, water resources etc. - see e.g.: Water Treatment Engineering and Research Group
Water Quality Association
World-wide-water: Information about desalting and RO of water.

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