Professor Xu

Tongwen Xu,Prof.

Department of Chemistry, University of Sci&Tec of China
Hefei, Anhui 230026, P.R.China


The research conducted in Xu's Laboratory at USTC is focused on advanced membrane separation science and unit operation. In particular, it focuses on charged membranes, inorganic-organic hybrid (composite) membranes for use in liquid separation, reaction, cleaning production and environmental applications. We are working in an interdisciplinary research area featuring a combination of chemical engineering and materials science as list below:

Preparation and characterization of charged membranes
Design of molecular structure of membrane materials
Design of membrane structure suitable to separate objective mixtures
Process design of membrane applications
Inorganic-organic composite/hybrid membrane
Fuel cell membranes
Dendrimers/Controlled release
Chemical transfer unit operation

Currently, our thrust areas are concentrated on bipolar membrane and ion exchange membrane as well as the related processes.

Dr. Xu is a professor of chemistry department at the University of Science and Technology of China. He received B.S. in science (1989) and M.S. in Apply Chemistry (1992) from Hefei University of Technology in China, and Ph.D (1995) in Chemical Engineering from Tianjin University. He was a post-doctoral staff member at the Institute of Polymer Science in Nankai University (1995-1997) and a visiting scholar at Department of Chemical System Engineering in Tokyo University (2000) and at organic polymer chemistry in Tokyo Institute of Technology (2001). In 2006, he got the Brain Pool program and worked one year in GIST in Korea.

In 1997, Dr. Xu joined the faculty of Applied Chemistry at USTC as an associate professor. He was promoted to a professor in 2002. He has over 160 refereed publications and 19 invited book chapters. Dr. Xu has given over 20 invited lectures in academia and industry around the world.

Dr. Xu's services to the scientific community include co-chairing the 1999 membrane symposium in light industries, national membrane conference on homogenous membrane (2001). He is editorial boards of J. Membr. Sci. etc 9 international journals and Chinese J Membrane Sci and Technology etc 2 domestic journals. In 2002, he was selected as a member of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Branch Group in Educational Administration of China.

Dr. Xu received several awards, including Educational Award of Baogang (1995), Outstanding Ph.D thesis Award in Tianjing University (2000), and Huawei Faculty Achievement Award in USTC (2000).

In 2002, he received USTC Alumni Foundation Award for young faculty career. It is a great honor and also a challenge for his future. As the first contributor, he was issued by the first class Technical Advance Awards of Chinese Membrane Society (2006, 2009), the first class Technical Advance Awards of Chinese Petroleum and Chemical Engineering Society (2008, 2009), Award for Excellent Chemical Engineer of China (2008) and 4th Yangya Alumni Foundation Award for Education (2009).

Dr. Xu is married and has a lovely son.